Tuesday, July 01, 2008

6.1...and that's a magic number!!

6.1 That's what my endo told me this afternoon. My last A1c was 7.5 in January. What a difference, huh? I can't believe it. I think that's the lowest since being diagnosed.

And she also wanted to know how I lost eleven pounds. I like how my legs aren't as beefy...they actually have shape and firmness to them.

I've finished the official workout class but have been continuing the last two weeks on my own...and feeling good. I don't like to miss a day now. It's a bit harder with the kids home for summer break but I can still make it to the gym.

My diet has been pretty regular. I eat the same Go Lean and strawberries for breakfast every day, either tuna, turkey or egg salad for lunch with carrots and lo-carb yogurt, and dinner is still fish/bread/veggie or chicken on greens with a bit of feta and lite dressing. (Although I have been in diabetic purgatory since going to the lab last week and have since had a bagel, Doritos and cheesecake - YUM!). But I'm back on schedule today. You gotta splurge once in a while and I did usually once a week.

I'm having a good day!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

At It Again

Well I started a fitness class at the gym one week ago. I can already see a difference in my body and especially my blood sugars. It amazes me that with proper diet and exercise the blood sugars just fall back into "normal" ranges...along with a little help with insulin of which I need A LOT less of now.

The class is three days a week from 9am-10am which consists of Monday and Friday circuit training on the machines (seven stations alternating two different exercises at each). Wednesday is cardio on the treadmill or elliptical machine. We've only done the endurance test so far and they said we'll do 1/2 hour on each. There are 13 people in this class.

The reason I signed up is that I was "livin' life in the 300s". I've seen that statement in one of the blogs and it's always resonated in my mind with every blood sugar test. They were slowly creeping up to where it was routine for me to see 250, 275, 300 and above. Mornings could be anywhere from 145 (which was a good number) to 220. My last A1c was 7.5...up from 7 last October.

It's been three years since diagnosis. And at 42 it's hard to teach a "past puberty puppy" new tricks. I think I still had the mentality that this weekend "is it" then I'll get my s**t together. I'm giving it another shot...hoping to make a lifestyle change instead of a quick fix.

The "diet" is that I get to eat five times per day. Three meals and two snacks. That will take a little time to get used to taking shots for the snacks...unless they are no carb like string cheese or an egg. Why can't the insulin pens have 1/2 unit increments? This would help since I went low twice last week trying to accommodate snacks and meals. A pump would work but I don't want to be hooked up to diabetes all day...sometimes I even forget about it (hence Hubby running back home for insulin when out to dinner).

I would like to lose about 20 lbs. I'm not too overweight but feel uncomfortable for what my body is used to. The doctor says I can eat whatever I want as long as I take insulin to cover it. That won't work if I want to stay fit and trim. I'll try to keep posting on my progress.

Saturday, October 27, 2007


Well I'm still here. Working on my home, working to help the children with their schoolwork, working for money. I've been working from home full time for little over a year now. Switched over from part-time...partly for the money and partly to keep busy (as if I wasn't busy enough). I was working close to full time hours anyway and saw an opportunity to get paid for it.

Diabetes is still here. Working me over. My last A1c in September was 7. Doctor said it was poor diabetes control. They liked the 6.5 better. Summertime was hard for diabetic me. Cool summer pasta salads, potato salads and beer. Hopefully the walking that I did do got me to that 7 or it would probably be higher.

I've already started working on my New Year's resolution...to be in better control...but not at implementing it yet. Why not start today? Well with Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas approaching, it doesn't seem like I will win that battle. Maybe I'll make little changes between now and then. But I won't beat myself up too much if I don't.

When I told one of my children's teachers that I was a new diabetic, she knew what I was in for...her husband is a brittle diabetic. She said right off that I'm just supposed to live like everyone should (eat right and exercise). But that's hard to do every day, day after day, without breaks or relief (or that damn candy corn).

Sometimes I forget I'm diabetic (thanks hubby for driving home from the restaurant to get my insulin). Sometimes I can't get it out of my head (fear, anger, etc.). I guess we all have our trials and tribulations. Maybe I'll keep working on keeping my sanity.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Crazy Morning

Well I didn't do so great today. This morning was a mess. My hubby had to go to an early meeting so I had to get the rest of us out the door myself. I didn't have time to test or eat so I took my stuff with me. Well once I dropped the kids off and went to grab my kit, I noticed (remembered) that I used my last test strip last night and didn't put another bunch in...

After dropping the kids off I drove over to Burger King but kept on driving...it took much willpower to not get a big 'ole breakfast. Trying to lose some weight that this insulin (and bad eating) is putting on now.

SOOOO I go ahead with my morning without testing and without breakfast wondering how high I am. I go back to kid's school to help out in the library for my son's class . I finally got home around 10:30. Test at 140. Not too bad but could have prevented it. Wait to eat since I don't want to have such a late breakfast.

Here's the rest of the day:
??? Around noon have lunch - turkey on whole wheat and an apple (4 units)
101 dinner chicken with ranch, wheat thins (again no veggies) (8 units)
135 (8 levimer and 0 correction)

On a good note, I got a brand new shiny Ford Freestar today with the built in DVD player. We're going to go and watch movies in the minivan. = )

Today and What's Happening

I thought I would post what my day is like with testing, eating and the MDIs. I am good in the daytime but blow it in the evening.

135 Morning (Go Lean Crunch/Splenda) (4 units)
?? Feel low - Snack (clementine)
93 Lunch (turkey, onion roll, Heart Smart mayo, apple) (4 units)
110 Dinner (2 beers, spicy chicken, ranch dressing, sour cream and onion chips, no veggies) (6 units - usually take 8 but worry about low carbs and beer)
Played a great game of Electronic Star Wars Battleship and was beaten by the seven year old.
229 @ 11pm and really thirsty (should have done the 8 with dinner - do 2 unit correction + 8 Levimer)

That's my day.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to my fellow diabloggers. I like the fresh, clean start we have with a brand new year in front of us. Over the Christmas break I've cleaned closets, the basement, and more than a few drawers. We've made our trip to the Salvation Army and the rest is piled at the curb. I'd now like to cleanse my mind of old habits and thoughts.

I've been successful in past years with New Years Resolutions. I think it's the ultimate starting point that's attractive to me. One of the biggies was to quit smoking. Not an easy task after many years of puffing (on and off again).

Now is the time to change my eating (and drinking) habits. I was actually better during December...perhaps that was a bit of a trial run. Like getting in shape for a marathon. Slowly getting my taste buds to like good food again.

I was also at the gym three time last week lifting weights and walked most days for 30 minutes. Exercise really does affect your sugars for the better.

My morning sugars have been better. The past three days were 104, 126, 109. Before that my morning numbers were anywhere from the 140s to 160s (sometime up to 170-190 from those wacky pizza/beer nights) even with the Levimer.

It was easy to exercise while the kids were out of school and I was off work. It will be bit challenging when the daily grind and routine starts again but I must find time. I look at my kids and hope that I 'm around when they are older. I'm pretty sure I'll BE around but I'm hoping to be around and in good shape (physically and mentally) and not a burden.

Happy New Year to you and yours...

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Happy D-Blog Day

It's D-Blog day and I felt compelled to write...although I don't know what I should write about. The daily grind of the 'betes is just that...grinding on and on. I think I feel fortunate to get this disease (did I just write that) at a later stage in life. I was 39 when diagnosed. I feel for the little ones.

I am a nervous ninny as it is with the kids...don't jump in the family room because you'll crack your head open on the fireplace hearth...don't stand with your back to the staircase because you could fall down them. Don't...don't...don't. I can't imagine being a mom of a child with diabetes. With my own daily living I can feel the highs and lows, I know the risks I take (eating that Snickers without a shot). My daughter turned 11 this year. My dad was diagnosed at 11. Whenever she says she's thirsty or has to use the bathroom, I wonder. My son is 7 and sometimes still has accidents in bed...I wonder. I constantly worry that they'll get it too.

As if life doesn't have enough to worry about...I can now worry that they'll get this too.

I don't like this disease...don't...don't...don't.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Well...I drank more than I should have over the summer. I have my reasons and rationalizations. I believe I've been trying to get my fill since once I start the long-acting insulin the game will change. I will not longer be able to drink freely like a non-diabetic (although should anyone really drink too freely?).

So...slowly over the summer I drank a bit more each "time". I'll first describe the time as on Friday and Saturday evenings. Then the time tended to include Sunday (my husband drinks on Sundays since pressures at work tend to hit him a bit). Then the time changed a bit with vacation (a few drinks each vacation day, maybe a little earlier in the day). Upon returning from vacation, I wanted the good times to continue so I would have one or two or five on Monday or Tuesday or whenever.

Now here at the beginning of September I am drinking every day. Is this the making of an alcoholic? Is this how it starts?

I used to only drink to get drunk and these were reserved for parties or outings. I didn't really like the taste of beer (my buzz of choice). Now I crave it. I am actually looking at the clock and seeing if it is okay to have one (think Spanglish and Cloris Leachman's character).

I think I'm trying to cram a lifetime of casual drinking in before I start the Levemir. What I'm doing is not casual. I picked up my lovely, new pens last week. I haven't tried it yet. I don't want to try it while I'm drinking.

I don't want to give this part of my life up. This is the one thing I think will really make me a true diabetic. I know I'm a true diabetic but this one thing in my mind is what makes it so - not the injections of Novolog, blood testing, carb counting. Doesn't that sound crazy? It does as I type it.

I need to stop...I know I can but I don't want to.